If the Walls Could Talk

If the walls could talk they would describe a young man and a young woman deeply in love. The couple is bound by faith and a promise to love each other with an unyielding passion all the days of their lives. A little tan puppy runs the home as she trots from room to room with her pink ball, eventually settling onto the sofa right between her mom and dad. Joy envelops the small space as the family reunites each eve after a long day of work.

Years of memories have been shared in countless spaces, but this one is different. This one is ours.

If two walls in particular could talk they would describe not just what they see, but what they hold.

The walls hold tangible representations of some of our most cherished times.

Above our living room sofa we chose to hang a special piece from our wedding- the old screen door I found in my hometown served as an escort piece- welcoming guests to their seats at our big celebration. Hung horizontally above our sofa, adorned with black and white images strung on jute string, the piece is a constant reminder of the most perfect day. We felt it would be unique and extra special to incorporate a physical element of the wedding into our home.

Here are photos of the door at our wedding…

Alex Andrew Wedding-0435Alex Andrew Wedding-0436

Alex Andrew Wedding-0437

And here is the door now…

IMG_2388 IMG_2390

For years I have oohed and ahhed at the gallery walls gracing the pages of magazines and overwhelming my Pinterest feed. I knew as soon we had the appropriate space, I would jump at the opportunity to create a wall filled with both art and photographs that held special meaning to us.

An assortment of pieces, crowned in white frames serve as the focal point and our favorite aspect of the bedroom.

Over the past few years Andrew purchased these prints for me, which feature some of my favorite sayings, and I knew there was no better place to display them than on this wall. Perhaps the most special piece hanging in our gallery  is the guestbook from our wedding- silhouettes of a bride and groom and their little puppy holding a giant bunch of balloons signed by those they love the most.

Of course most of the photos are from our wedding, honeymoon, and engagement session, but the beautiful thing about this form of art is that it can be easily changed as more memories are made. Here is a shot of our gallery-IMG_2403

I am so in love with these spaces- they are so uniquely us- places where so many memories will be forever captured.

What is your favorite place in your home?

Have a great weekend and go frogs!



P.S.- the really cute print TCU to the right of the TV is by Rachel Lewis and her husband, Bryan- the owners of Tread Studios. Be sure to check out their wonderful shop where they are creating “Art with a Mission”!

Wedding photos provided by Tracy Autem Photography.