I am a twenty-something year old dreamer trying to make it in this crazy, beautiful world. I graduated from Texas Christian University, the greatest university in the world, in 2013 with aspirations to make my mark.

I am a wife to Andrew, the sweetest man- I still get flushed and giddy just thinking about him. I will never understand how I became lucky enough to spend forever with him, but I am so thankful. He is truly my strength, my greatest confidant, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my teddy bear, and my cookie making partner forever and ever. Please excuse my mushiness but I am crazy about this man! I truly love love- it is so beautiful.

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Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography 2014

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I am a momma to the silliest staffordshire terrier named Ellie. We rescued our sweet Ellie bear off of the streets, but it really seems that she rescued us.

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photo (2)

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I am a lover of Christ and I owe everything to Him. He has paved the way for us and without his love and compassion we would be lost. Christ has a special plan for us and I will follow my heart until it surfaces.

As I mentioned, I am a dreamer, but I am also a doer. I constantly daydream of flipping houses- designing everything from back-splashes to bedrooms and wainscoting to wall colors- I cannot wait to embrace my creativity each and every day. It is time to stop dreaming and start doing. Watching Love It or List It reruns and combing through every inch of Zillow.com and HGTV magazines is not going to make my dream a reality. Sure flipping houses takes a tremendous amount of financial stability, but we will get there. For now, all I can hope for is to make a name for myself and start making a mark in the world of not only home design, but also in the lives of so many people.

I hope that Home, Heart, and Harris is more than just another blog. I hope it is a source of optimism and inspiration- a resource for designs and concepts, as well as recipes and little tidbits about love and life.

Please join me as I begin this journey and take my first big step toward my dream.





One thought on “About

  1. A lovely story that i will follow and see how it progresses. To see if all your dreams come true… Which i have a feeling they will. Very Well written.


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